1. Question: What kind of promotion programme is this?

Answer: This is the “Festive Wonderland – Fairy Festival in Vinpearl Land” lucky draw programme.

2. Question: When will the programme take place and how long for?

Answer: The “Festive Wonderland – Fairy Festival in Vinpearl Land” lucky draw programme starts on 15/12/2018 and ends on 15/02/2019.

3. Question: Where is the programme applicable?

Answer: The programme is applicable in the outlets of Vinpearl Land and Vinpearl Safari in Nha Trang, Phu Quoc and Southern Hoi An.

4. Question: Who is eligible to participate in this promotional programme?

Answer: Eligible customers are those who visit Vinpearl Land and Vinpearl Safari whilst meeting the following requirements:

  • All customers are Vietnamese or foreigners who are living and working in Vietnam aged 15 and above (calculated by birthday to the date of service use),
  • Possessing valid identification papers (ID card, citizen identification or valid passport)
  • Having purchased tickets and completed check-in at one of the locations of VinPearl Land, VinPearl Safari in Quang Nam, Khanh Hoa, Kien Giang during the programme period.

Please note: The program is not eligible for employees and immediate families of employees from Vinpearl JSC, and member companies of the Vingroup JSC.

5. Question: What can be won?

Answer: The prizes include:

 6. Question: How to use VinID Gift Card?

Answer: To top up VinID with VinID Gift Card, customer can use one of the following methods:

  • Method 1: Log in to VinID Mobile App or website vinid.net, select “Points” -> “VinID top up” and enter the code.
  • Method 2: Compose message with the following format: VINID<space>VINID NUMBER<space>TOPUP CODE to 6067 (VND1000/message)

(*)Notice: 1 Vinpoint = 1,000 VND. The card cannot be exchanged for cash

 7. Question: Who are the manufacturers of Vsmart Active 1? And where are they manufactured?

Answer: Vsmart Active 1 is the latest technology product of Vsmart, a member company of Vingroup JSC.

 8. Question: What car classification does Vinfast Fadil belong to? Which automobile on the market is similar to this model?

Answer: The Vinfast Fadil automobile is a city car type produced Vinfast automobile and a member company of Vingroup JSC.

 9. Question: What are the terms and conditions of the promotion programme?

Answer: Please go to more information on http://festivewonderland.vinpearlland.com/rules/

10. Question: How will I know if I have won a prize?

Answer: Winning customers are those who meet the following criteria:

  • The 10-character lucky draw code on the coupon is the same as the 10-character code announced for each prize.
  • The Information on the ID card/ citizen identification/ passport/ other proof of identity is the same as the information provided when signing up for the Promotion Programme via Vinpearl’s system

 11. Question: Who should I contact regarding questions about the programme?

Answer: Please contact hotline for any questions on the programme:

  • Phone number: 1900-6677or 1900-636699
  • Person in charge: Call center of Vinpearl

12. Question: How can I access the results of the programme?


  • Vinpearl JSC is responsible for announcing the complete details of the terms and conditions of the Promotion Programme, the value of each prize in the regions that hold promotion programmes. The announcement should be made on at least one public media channel and on the website: www.www.vinpearl.com
  • Vinpearl JSC will publish the full list of winning customers on at least one public broadcasting channel and on the website: www.vinpearl.com